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February 2015

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30 Days Back to Health is an all-inclusive cleanse program, including dietary and lifestyle changes and education, supplements that aid in gentle detoxification, and most importantly personalized one-on-one time with Dr. Kelly Hassberger, ND, who will make this program unique to you! We are excited to announce the addition of a closing retreat with Chris Wheeler and Mary Johnson of 1Breath4All. Their expertise in emotional and spiritual healing and rejuvenation will complete this all-inclusive health make-over.

Are you ready to reclaim your health and vitality, regain balance, increase clarity of mind, and make it last?

During this 30 Day All Inclusive Cleanse You Will Receive:

An evening kick off open house on Monday, February 23rd, 6-9 PM
Get to know your fellow retreat participants, connect with Kelly Hassberger, ND to individualize the program for you and meet the experts that will be guiding you through the cleanse. This dinner occurs one week before starting the cleanse, giving participants plenty of time to ask questions, learn more about what they will be experiencing during the 30 day period, as well as prepare in advance for the program.

Key information on managing your food triggers
Throughout the cleanse, you will receive lessons on how to eliminate foods that can damage your health and focus on foods that create health. This will allow you to regain overall wellness while gently and safely removing toxins from your system.

One on One time with Kelly Hassberger, ND

Throughout the cleanse, you will do a series of three one-on-one check ins with Kelly Hassberger, ND. During these check in’s you will get personal attention to ensure that your cleanse experience is as successful as possible.

Access to experts
Chris_IMG_0612_90x90 Mary IMG_6263_90x90During this cleanse, you will gain access to the knowledge of experts, Chris Wheeler and Mary Johnson of 1Breath4All who have extensive training and experience in spiritual leadership and healing modalities. You learn how to remove emotional blocks that are impeding your success.


Chef Jen Foley of La Bonne Vie Personal Chef Service has created recipes for participants and will provide support throughout the cleanse, making the dietary changes easy and giving you ideas that you can take into your everyday life.

Key information for managing this change long term
Throughout the cleanse, dietary and lifestyle changes will progress slowly so we can avoid detoxification symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and dizziness. As we move through the cleanse, you will learn how to address every aspect of health from exercise, to sleep, to stress management, so that you can achieve long-lasting results

A Closing Weekend Retreat on the Shores of Lake Michigan

homepage_oct14To close the retreat, we will all visit the shores of Lake Michigan at the beautiful Khardoma Lodge from March 21-22. Staying in a cozy bed and breakfast, we will provide you with ample time to self reflect and absorb all that you have learned. We will also be facilitating group discussions with our experts so that you can understand further how tobring what you’ve learned into your life and continue nurturing those behaviors. Chris and Mary will guide you through how to make this a lifetime change. All food will be provided for you during this retreat.

Our intention is to create a nurturing and safe atmosphere for you to understand the spiritual and emotional component to healing. This program is a health makeover, supporting you with education, resources, and services that will transform your health and your life on every level.


Our Fall 2013 Cleanse was a huge success! Our participants experienced:

  • Improved Sleep
  • Weight loss up to 12 pounds
  • Improved skin, including decreased break outs and increased elasticity as well as decreased bags under eyes
  • Decreased gas and bloating
  • Improved symptoms of psoriasis and eczema
  • Improved mood
  • Improved symptoms of arthritis, including stiffness as well as swelling in hands
  • Increased clarity of mind, decreased brain fog

Most importantly, participants did not experience an increase in hunger throughout the program and felt they could easily sustain their every day lives, and were possibly even more productive. Participants felt they had gained tools they could sustain throughout the rest of their lives.Does this sound like something you could use?

Join us for 30 Days Back to Health and let us help you reclaim your vibrant self!

Cost: $550.

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Cleanse Your Body in 30 Days WZZM Channel 13 Healthy You. Kelly also appeared on this show in April 2014. View this video on our main cleanse page.

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Benefits of Program

Cleansing Diet We will talk about a general cleansing diet that focuses on eliminating common allergens while encouraging natural and gentle detoxification. You will also receive healthy recipes and support as well as information about the benefits of eating organic foods.Supplements Supplements will be used throughout the program to provide necessary vitamins and nutrients that support the body’s natural detoxification pathways.Home Techniques There are many natural detoxification techniques that can be used at home to help gently eliminate toxins from the body. Kelly S. Hassberger, ND will provide information on how to perform these natural therapies. Local experts will also help guide participants on other techniques.Supportive Therapies You will learn about other supportive therapies that can be beneficial during the 30 day cleanse such as the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, the role of acupuncture in cleansing and the importance of organic, non toxic skin care.Exercise and Nutrition You will learn fitness and nutrition suggestions that will help maintain the results of the cleanse in the long term. Discounts from Health Partners Participants will receive discounts from many health partners, such as Nourish Organic Market and others, to support them during the 30 days in order to receive optimal results.Health Benefits Include

  • Detoxification
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Better Functioning of all Systems
  • Food Allergy Assessment
  • Weight Loss
  • Mental Clarity And Focus
  • A Lifelong Plan for Optimal Health

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Program Includes

  • An overnight retreat in a cottage on the Lake Michigan shoreline where you will get both reflective time, group discussions with our experts, healthy food prepared for you and lasting lifestyle changes to put into practice.
  • 3 sessions of one-on-one time with Dr. Kelly Hassberger, ND including individual suggestions.
    • To be scheduled during Group One Session 
Supplements for added cleansing and detoxification.Discounts at local businesses supporting our program, such as Nourish Organic Market.


Join us for 30 Days Back to Health and let us help you reclaim your vibrant self!

Cost: $550.

* Once your payment has been made, PayPal will redirect you to the registration page within 10 seconds.

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Kelly S. Hassberger, ND has put together an amazing team of healthcare partners that will help support you throughout the program. In addition to participating and educating during group sessions, they will be offering you significant discounts on their goods and services. These discounts will only be available to participants and include hundreds of dollars in savings. cleansing

grand rapids natural health la bonnie vie Sip
Doorganics Natural Wellness Alliance Holistic Energy Therapies
Acupuncture of West Michigan Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness Elite Performance and Fitness
Chiropractic Unlimited The Facility Busy Bodies
sacred skin Expressions of Grace Nourish

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