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Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.28.26 AMAndrea Hop has followed her passion and pursued a knowledge and understanding of how the right choices in life can nourish both the human body and soul. Learning about nature’s plants, making quality food choices and learning to love every aspect of the self-provides a pathway to promote healthy growth and change.  Andrea has a Bachelor’s in Psychology/Special Education and a Master’s in Learning Disabilities, both acquired through Grand Valley State University, and she enjoyed working as a high school support teacher for eight years. She worked with her students as they created and obtained their goals, not only in academics but healthy living goals as well. Following her passions, Andrea became part of a living healthy movement. She chose to attend the Institute Of Integrative Nutrition and received her Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification. Andrea specializes in empowering individuals and families to explore and find their best selves in healthy lifestyles and whole living. Her goal is to guide clients to focus on improving all aspects of wellness using; goal-setting, accountability, and simple changes that can lead to profound and lasting effects on quality of life and health.

Regain your vibrancy, vitality, wellness, and love for yourself by joining Andrea for a free 30-minute consultation to see how health coaching will support your individual health and wellness goals.

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* Andrea Hop, Health Coach is an independent practitioner within the Grand Rapids Natural Health office.