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Simple Changes for Long Term Wellness


Written By: Audrey Byker, Health Coach

When heavy drinking, smoking, late night partying, pizza binging and many other destructive decisions turned into my lifestyle less than 20 years ago, I watched a once balanced and healthy self-turn into a foreign, almost unrecognizable body, mind, and spirit.  As a post dedicated athlete, motivated by competition, sweat, endorphins and the true connection of team, I found myself dragging through the day, sleeping more and feeling—or perhaps forcing—myself into isolation (with a mother pushing St. John’s Wort).  It was at this time that the genius marketing schemes, promising a quick fix and therefore happiness to “love thyself”,  began to snag my attention, almost as much as the Natural Lite and Camel’s my friends and I managed to work retail to pay for.   Continue Reading

What’s Poop Got to do With it?

Written by: Christine Schoenek, ND This content is from the March 2017 issue of Natural Awakenings Magazine Do you experience brain fog, unexplained headaches, joint pain, skin rashes or eczema, mood swings, or fatigue? These are just a few of the many symptoms that can be caused by leaky gut and food sensitivities.  Many health… Continue Reading

Nutrigenomics: Choosing Foods According to Your Genes

Written by: Dave Johnson, MD Left out of the conversation within the never ending dietary hype and promotion, is the fact that there are individual genetic variations that can affect how people respond to the foods, beverages, and supplements they consume. An emerging field of nutrigenomics is beginning to reveal these variable responses and how… Continue Reading

7 Approaches to Better Your Relationship

This content is from the January 2017 issue of Women’s LifeStyle Magazine by Kerry Hart, LLMFT Invest in a better future for yourself by devoting time to your relationship. When you’re in a romantic relationship, a good deal of your happiness depends on how that relationship is going. Beat the odds by taking a more… Continue Reading

Introducing Elina Organic’s Crushed Pearl Makeup

Did you know, the United States of America allows more toxins in their cosmetic products than any other country in the world?  The FDA states, “Companies and individuals who manufacture or market cosmetics have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their products. Neither the law nor FDA regulations require specific tests to demonstrate… Continue Reading

6 Tips to Handle a Family Member Who Drinks Too Much

This content is from the November, 2016 issue of Women’s LifeStyle Magazine by Kerry Hart, LLMFT, Couple and Family Therapist  With the holiday season upon us, you may be excited about the fun you expect to have at upcoming holiday parties. Some families may not be as excited, as they may have family members that… Continue Reading

Why Choose Holistic Skin Care

My name is Lauren Ramey and I am a holistic Esthetician, meaning I work with non-toxic products and I do not practice invasive skin care treatments. What makes holistic and organic non-toxic treatments unique to the esthetic industry? Why choose to go the holistic skin care route? See my reasons below. “It is unfortunate, that laws governing… Continue Reading