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Why Choose Holistic Skin Care

My name is Lauren Ramey and I am a holistic Esthetician, meaning I work with non-toxic products and I do not practice invasive skin care treatments. What makes holistic and organic non-toxic treatments unique to the esthetic industry? Why choose to go the holistic skin care route? See my reasons below. “It is unfortunate, that laws governing… Continue Reading

Pumpkin Spice Three Easy Ways

Written By: Andrea Hop, Health Coach We start to feel a cool tinge to the air and the leaves begin their yearly change from green to brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges, and we realize fall has come again. Thanks to Starbucks, many people think the fall season is actually a Pumpkin Spice extended holiday.  Well,… Continue Reading

A Collaborative Approach to Holistic Health Care

Written by: Dave Johnson, MD, Jennifer Kurinsky, ND & Christine Schoenek, ND We at Grand Rapids Natural Health want you to know that your health is our mission. Our holistically oriented health care practitioners come from a variety of healing approaches including; naturopathic medicine, counseling, health coaching, massage therapy, skin care and now integrative medicine, with… Continue Reading

Immunity Boosting Recipes to Prepare You for Fall

Grand Rapids Natural Health team members Audrey Byker, Health Coach, Andrea Hop, Health Coach and Christine Schoenek, ND, have combined their knowledge to share with you two natural immunity boosting recipes to prepare you for fall & battle the back to school bugs! “With cold and flu season coming up, it’s a great idea to prime our immune… Continue Reading

Banana Blueberry Oat Cookies

Health Coach Favorite Recipe   Since school has started for some and just around the corner for others, try my new recipe for Banana Blueberry Oat Cookies. These cookies are soft, bursting with fresh blueberries, and rich in nutrients. They are great as a side with some protein for breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack. Snag… Continue Reading

The Delicious Days of Summer

One of my favorite times of the year is summer. Well, basically, any time in Michigan that there is no snow impeding our lives, and I would hazard a guess that most people agree with me.  What is it about the magical days of summer that draws us in and wraps us in a humid embrace leaving us… Continue Reading

Integrative Cardiology: A Whole Health Approach

Heart disease is the leading cause of death and is preventable. Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in America and worldwide. Despite advancements in medications, medical procedures and surgeries, the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, and its associated modifiable risk factors continue to rise. It has been widely published that as much as 70%… Continue Reading

Why You May Be Experiencing Hormonal Symptoms and How to Get Back to Balance

If you are like many women, hormone fluctuations can take you for a wild ride. You might suffer common problems during your reproductive years, such as PMS, heavy periods and uncomfortable menstrual cramps. You might also struggle with hormone-related medical problems, such as fibrocystic breasts, uterine fibroids, endometriosis and estrogen-sensitive cancers, or have concerns that… Continue Reading


This blog post is brought to you by Nadyne Parr, Life Coach. Spring in West Michigan is an extraordinary, technicolor showcase of life bursting forth in grand display. Green is so green. Cool breezes are fresh with hints of soothing moisture. Smells are rich with sweet nectars, reminding the world to wake-up after winter’s long nap.… Continue Reading