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Conquering Chronic Pain


Written by: Stephen Durell, MTOM, R.Ac

This content is from the June 2017 issue of Natural Awakenings Magazine

The good news is that our bodies have an amazing, innate ability to heal and adapt. But what if you have pain that keeps coming back or just doesn’t get better? Maybe you’ve seen your doctor, you’ve rested, or tried some home remedies, but it still bothers you.

Pain is a strong signal from your body that something is wrong. This is like having the check engine light come on. We don’t ignore these warning lights on our cars, so why do so many people ignore these signs in their bodies? We often decide to live with pain thinking that being in pain is normal or we use treatments that simply cover up the pain, but don’t treat the cause.

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Simple Changes for Long Term Wellness

Written By: Audrey Byker, Health Coach When heavy drinking, smoking, late night partying, pizza binging and many other destructive decisions turned into my lifestyle less than 20 years ago, I watched a once balanced and healthy self-turn into a foreign, almost unrecognizable body, mind, and spirit.  As a post dedicated athlete, motivated by competition, sweat, endorphins… Continue Reading

Cook Your Way Healthy

Cook Your Way Healthy You CAN cook Everyone knows one of the secrets to great nutrition means you will have to cook more.  Every week I meet with clients I hear the same thing “I want, quick and easy, healthy meal ideas.” I get it.  As a busy mom of 3, quick and easy is… Continue Reading

Top 7 At Home Tips for Fighting the Common Cold or Flu

There is nothing quite as miserable as a sore throat, body aches, headache, and the other wretched symptoms of a cold or flu. Uncomfortable symptoms make everything more difficult, from performing at work, to sleeping well at night. Antibiotics only fight against bacteria and therefore do not fight infections caused by cold and flu viruses,… Continue Reading