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Cook Your Way Healthy

Cook Your Way Healthy You CAN cook Everyone knows one of the secrets to great nutrition means you will have to cook more.  Every week I meet with clients I hear the same thing “I want, quick and easy, healthy meal ideas.” I get it.  As a busy mom of 3, quick and easy is… Continue Reading

Top 7 At Home Tips for Fighting the Common Cold or Flu

There is nothing quite as miserable as a sore throat, body aches, headache, and the other wretched symptoms of a cold or flu. Uncomfortable symptoms make everything more difficult, from performing at work, to sleeping well at night. Antibiotics only fight against bacteria and therefore do not fight infections caused by cold and flu viruses,… Continue Reading

Is It Really Just Genetic?

Is It Really Just Genetic? More often than not, my clients think that they have no control over their health, just because an illness runs in their family’s genes. This is simply not true. Even if you have a genetic disease, there are many things you can still do to limit the way the body… Continue Reading