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Exploring Ways to Reduce the Symptoms of Autism from the Inside Out


Written by: Andrea Hop, Health Coach

This content is from the August 2017 issue of Natural Awakenings Magazine

The best thing a person with autism can have is an advocate who looks beyond his or her behaviors and struggles and sees the person within.  Having autism is like having a fingerprint. Each individuals’ expression of behaviors and symptoms is unique to them. While a good deal of conventional medical advice deals with the suppression of symptoms, there are many avenues to explore the root cause of those symptoms and help the person’s body heal from the inside out. 

Every child on the spectrum has some degree of symptoms that are metabolic, which may include problems with his or her digestive, immune, and nervous systems.  Although symptoms manifest differently in each person, relief of some symptoms will be found when the focus is put on healing the gut and then determining what next steps the child will benefit from.  For example, behaviors like stimming are directly related to the food the child eats and how well that nutrition is assimilated in the digestive system. According to Dr. Joseph Cannizarro, in his book Answers for the 4A Epidemic, the main causative factors linked to autism symptoms in children are good and bad gut flora, immune system dysregulation, and nutritional depletion.

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Conquering Chronic Pain

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Top 7 At Home Tips for Fighting the Common Cold or Flu

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