Our Counseling Services

Grand Rapids Natural Health counseling services tend to the emotional health and needs of our clients. We encourage people to seek help early and recognize that they have more to gain by doing so. Offering counseling to Grand Rapids Natural Health clients is an important part of our wholistic approach to overall wellness.  We offer individual counseling for children, adolescents, and adults as well as couple and family counseling sessions. 

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What to Expect

Initial Session

The initial session is a time for the client to come in and discuss what they would like to work on most. The client can describe the problem and how they might like to see it solved, or what resolution would be most desirable. At that point, the client and counselor will agree on a treatment plan, which will achieve the therapeutic goals the client has selected. We offer counseling for clients of all ages, children, adolescents and adults alike. 

Individual Appointments

The individual that comes in to meet with our counselors will be able to guide their own therapeutic treatment. Working on issues they themselves have brought to the table. They may be surprised that change can be made within both themselves and their loved ones who may not be present at the session. Our therapists take a unique approach to each individual client. 

Couples Counseling Appointments

Should a couple come into counseling, each member of the couple will be given the opportunity to share their concerns in a safe space. The couple will be taught skills which will better their relationship, however, they might like their relationship to look moving forward. Our therapists have the ability to work with individual members of a couple relationship as well as work with them together. The couple will be given tools which they can use at home and in their day to day lives so they may improve their lives together and work toward an agreed upon future.

Family Counseling

The goal of family counseling tends to be the improvement of the relationships within the family unit. This can be treated as a whole, or as therapists prefer, working on each individual in relation to their role within the family. Our counselor’s goal is to ensure that each family member walks out of their sessions feeling heard and understood.


Trauma-Informed Art Therapy and Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapy

With the addition of Devi Fongers, LMSW, MAAT to our GRNH team we are excited to now offer art therapy and trauma sensitive yoga therapy services. 

A Powerful Partnership for Healing  and Growth 

There is a growing awareness of the cumulative effect that traumatic events have on the body and the brain. Events such as experiencing or witnessing physical violence or assaults can create a state of anxious hyper-arousal and vigilance that disrupts behavior, memory, focus, health and relationships. A series of traumatic events called complex trauma is especially harmful to the brain and body functioning and magnifies the fight, flight or freeze response.

How can Art Therapy and Trauma Sensitive Yoga help people who experience single or repeated traumas? The key, according to researchers, is to provide a sense of safety and power that lessens the arousal state of fear.  A private sensory sensitive space and the presence of a trained trauma-informed therapist are essential elements in providing a safe environment.

Trauma-Informed Art Therapy

TI Art therapy integrates psychotherapeutic techniques with the creative process to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of people of all ages who have experienced traumatic life events.  An art therapist may use a variety of art methods including drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, music, movement, and/or collage.  The non-verbal expression of emotions related to traumatic memories can help clients to release tension, control their own body movements, and be mindful of and identify their emotions. Allowing the client to be in charge of their art making is a way to empower and gain control over intrusive memories and fears.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

TS Yoga is a modified yoga unlike the ordinary practice used in a local yoga studio.  It is practiced while seated in a comfortable chair and occurs in private individual or small group sessions overseen by a trained psychotherapist. It’s objective is to notice what is happening inside the body in order to release tension to reduce and control hyper-arousal. Participants choose which movements to practice and work at their own pace. With sustained practice, participants learn to calm their minds to maintain a feeling of safety, centering, and emotional balance.

Who can benefit from TS Yoga and TI Art Therapy?

Research suggests that you may find these techniques helpful to combat anxiety, emotional numbness, joint and muscle pain, impaired memory and hyper-vigilance, and/or angry outbursts resulting from interpersonal or complex trauma.  Emerson, D (2015), Van der kolk, B. (2014),  Rappaport, L (2014)

To schedule your initial counseling session, please call (616) 264-6556 or click here to schedule online.

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