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gr-natural-health-20150228-IMG_4479Kerry Hart is a limited licensed Couple and Family Therapist. She received her Masters in Family Therapy from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA and is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). Kerry has a wide range of experience, including medical family therapy as well as couples work, family reunification, behavioral modification and treatment in children, adolescents, teenagers, and adults. To learn more about Kerry, click here.



Kerry offers both Premarital and Personal Development Programs within Grand Rapids Natural Health. Whether you are looking to help build a long lasting relationship, before you walk down the aisle, or are looking for support in problem areas in your life, or just want to become the best you, this is for you!

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* Kerry Hart is an independent practitioner within the Grand Rapids Natural Health office.


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6 Tips to Handle a Family Member Who Drinks Too Much

With the holiday season upon us, you may be excited about the fun you expect to have at upcoming holiday parties. Some families may not be as excited, as they may have family members that indulge too much during the holidays; this can turn responsible family members into babysitters. If this party animal happens to be your partner or a family member, the holiday season may be more stressful than fun. Below are six approaches to prevent or handle the situation during the holiday party season. Read More >

Parenting Styles Decoded

There are many different parenting styles that shape a child’s sense of self and future success. Parent-centered parenting and child-centered parenting both discuss the balance between the parent’s life as well as the child’s. Finding that balance while keeping in tune to your values can help determine which parenting style is right for you. Read More >

Dual Roles

A working mother may experience conflicting emotions and challenges. Among these challenges may be the constant feeling of finding a balance between your career and innate motherly duties. It’s not uncommon for working mothers to feel they can improve their dual roles only 10 percent of working moms give themselves a “10” when it comes to rating their parenting behavior. To restore a woman’s confidence in both her parenting and career success it is important to identify and address any feelings of guilt or dissatisfaction.  

Read More >

The Unfriend

TheUnfriendYou can tell a lot about a person by who their friends are. Similar personality types tend to attract one another, and often friendships begin when someone is drawn to another’s likeness or commonality. Friendships are important to recognize in a personal relationship, for if your partner has friends whom you do not care for, you may want to confront the issue. It is important to examine your partner’s friends as an extension of themselves, as opposed to obstacles you need to remove from your life. Read More >

Bonding on Your Family Vacation

BondingFamilyVacationFamily vacations can be difficult to navigate, and the what-if scenarios can become more anxiety-inducing than navigating the crowds at the Magic Kingdom. What if the kids do not find much to hold their interest? What if the older kids do not want to put up with yet another children’s activity center? What if we all just can’t get along? Stop the worrying portion of this vacation and get to the planning portion. Read More >

The Talk 

TheTalkMainIt’s the number one taboo topic that must be addressed: how to communicate with kids about sex. Gone are the days when a parent could simply look the other way and hope that the school’s health class will teach their children the basics and simply hope for the best. The fact is, sex is complicated, and knowing only the basics is not going to give kids the information they need to make a responsible choice about their body and their future. Read More >

Reopening the Ex Files

openingxfileThis hot topic brought to you by popular demand can often turn into the question: should you be friends with an ex? This subject triggers emotions and both ethical and moral questions. The question may get confusing when there are multiple answers; people tend to have an opinion based on their own personal experiences from which they learned, suffered or grew. Regardless of your current stance on reopening the ex file, it’s important to remember that all past relationships ended for a reason. Read More >

Take Your Relationship in For a Tune-Up

heartwrench-559x1024Keeping your long-term relationship successful is easier with the proper tools. The trick to finding happiness within a relationship can be as simple as putting in time and effort. Often, communication is where most couples fall short. It is important to remember that communication is not an innate skill. Too often couples talk at each other as opposed to talking to each other. This frustrating habit is not broken easily, and having the right tools to help you along the way can make all the difference. Read More >

Cuddle & Connect

Couple or marriage in his new home looking through the windowMake the most of this Valentine’s Day by nurturing the good feelings in all relationships through bonding. Reignite the romantic spark by nurturing your couple relationship, and reap the benefits if oxytocin by getting close to friends and family of all kind. The act of bonding can be one of the most powerful gifts you can give to others and will enable the overall strengthening of relationships.  Read More >

Healthy Arguing

HealthyArgue1Do you ever find yourself in the most frustrating argument of all time, look down and realize your opponent is seven years old? How does this happen? Even the wise parents get caught in these irrelevant arguments. At the end of the day, you as the adult have the final say, but that kind of rational does not materialize until you realize you can’t argue with someone who is convinced macaroni and cheese three times a day is healthy for you because the commercial on television states there is plenty of calcium and vitamin D! Read More >

Surviving Holiday Soirées

SurvivingHolidaysThe holidays are sometimes difficult to navigate family events, particularly when you are working double time to visit your partner’s relatives as well. Be sure to put that bottle of wine down, and follow this helpful advice to converse during tricky situations with family members from your side and theirs. Read More >

Self Mastery Through Personal Development

SelfMasteryAs you grow and change in this ever-developing world, your personal development needs focus as well. Personal development often can be overlooked, despite a person struggling on the day to day. Truly knowing yourself can be one of the most difficult tasks to undertake, but the benefits are truly unparalleled. Getting to know your strengths, flaws, and characteristics is challenging, but don’t place your personal development to the side due to fear. Individual growth is an opportunity to resolve old issues from the past that may be holding you back, and it’s a time to explore what it is you want for your life. Read More >

Date your Mate

DateYourMatePriorities change as we grow older, and the pieces of our lives start falling into place. Once you find that perfect person to spend your life with, your career falls into place and children enter the picture, milestones become less of a goal and finding that happy balance proves paramount. With kids and work providing the most demanding of schedules, other priorities tend to fall by the wayside, sometimes including your relationship. Failing to pay attention to your relationship can mean big trouble, so try to avoid this particular pitfall. Read More >

How to Move on the Healthy Way
MoveOntheHealthyWayHartDo you find yourself lonely, crying sporadically, watching nonstop chick flicks and eating copious amounts of ice cream? Girl, you just got dumped. Or did you? Sometimes breaking up with someone can be a powerful statement of independence, and that, my friend, should be celebrated. Sometimes the end of a relationship is a huge surprise and you find plans made for the future quickly dissolving into nothingness. Either way, you may not be happy about the end of your relationship. It is at this time in the break-up cycle that the unhealthy patterns we have developed over the years start to trickle out. Read More >

Raising Well Adjusted Kids in Blended Families
BlendedFamiliesBlended families have become more prevalent within recent decades. As parents move on from previous relationships and meet new partners, power issues and loyalty conflicts can provide roadblocks on the path to merging families. When a parent meets a new partner, they may have a grand fantasy about how their own personal Brady Bunch will operate as a family. It’s important that new partners discuss parenting styles before moving in together; there are plenty of topics that this discussion should touch on. Read More >

Positive Parenting

PositiveParenting.Hart_Being a parent gives you some of the most rewarding moments of your life; however, the inescapable truth is that being a parent is tough. In that moment when you are covered in dirty laundry, the sink is filled to the brim with dirty dishes, and your children seem to be in some kind of “who can be the loudest” contest, knowing the reason behind their actions does not matter as much as getting them to stop. It can be easier for you to release your frustrations by yelling at your little angels to just stop, or perhaps to take away their video games, Barbie, or some other item they enjoy. What is the usual reaction here? Read More >

Financial Rules for Cohabitating Couples

SharingFinancesSharing finances with your partner is not just determined by marriage. More frequently, couples are cohabiting, and the rules of household finances are becoming blurry. Many couples move in together before getting married and even if they are married, merging bank accounts is not always an option. So what are the options? Read More >

The Benefits of Artful Expression

ArtfulExpressionThe limitless ways of artful expression provide ample opportunities for anyone to express their creative side. While most of you can recall the joy felt at the completion of a simple drawing or a play-dough sculpture as a child, expressing yourself through creation as an adult may not be as prominent. Expression is critical to identity, and being in tune with your feelings is essential to reducing stress. Read More >


Creative Parenting: Rethinking How You Discipline

CreativeParentingfamilyParenting can be one of the toughest jobs out there. You give, and you give, day after day, and yet you may still find yourself frustrated with a child who seems to live for making your frustration level rise. Children exhibit bad behaviors that can be easily punished; however, what if there was another way? Punishing your child will result in frustration on both sides, which can eventually result in conflict with the child, with your partner, and even affect your family’s overall functioning. Before getting to the point where you, as the parent, feel a complete loss of control, there are a few ways to nip bad behaviors in the bud. Read More >

Can you have it all?

HaveitallSome adults choose to stay at home and raise their children, and that is fulfilling what their life’s goals have been all along. Not every parent, however, gets the opportunity to make that choice. Some parents have to work while other parents want to work. In either case, life can become a balancing act. The following tools will help any working parent get closer to achieving a more productive home life while achieving their professional dreams. Read More >


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